Gulch Alley is located in a gated alley at 1407 Bush Street, near the intersection of Bush and Polk in the heart of San Francisco's Polk Gulch neighborhood. The studio has on site storage with late night access to accommodate it's regular patrons in addition to a fully equipped live room to make the rehearsal experience seamless and hassle free.  At both of our locations, the aim is to provide an inspiring space that supports the creative process and with only one live room, you won't have to worry about noise bleed from neighboring rooms.  Additionally, when you book one of our spaces, the whole space is yours for the duration of your visit and every reservation includes 30 minutes before and after for setup and breakdown so you can maximize each and every session.  


All sessions are booked in 3 hour blocks. The following sessions times are available for reservation daily

Day Session  11a - 2p

Afternoon Session  2:30 - 5:30p

Evening Session  6 - 9p

Late Session  9:30p - 12:30a


Sessions can be booked individually or in packages

Single Session Reservation  $60

2 Session Package  $100

4 Session Package  $180

8 Session Package  $340

Monthly Membership $190


When making a Rehearsal Reservation, please refer to the following guide for answers to any questions you might have.  If you are a first time Gulch Alley client, you will be prompted to setup an account prior to making your reservation.  Also, first time clients please note, you will be required to do a walk through with a Gulch Alley Studio manager prior to your session to acquaint you with the space.  Please call (415) 747-4488 to set this up.

For reservations, follow the "Reservations" tab to our online booking system, where you can check studio availabilities, reserve our rooms and engineers and purchase packages and memberships.  

To check studio availability: When directed to our booking system, choose 'Gulch Alley Rehearsal' and then select 'Search' at the bottom right of the next page.  This will bring up the studio rehearsal schedule.



The live room comes equipped with the following gear...

Gulch Drum Set

PA System  |  1200 Watt Peavey Combo mixing / amp head, 2 main speakers and 1 floor wedge including all necessary mics, stands and cables for 4 singers

Drum set  |  5 piece Tama Star Classic including ride and high hat cymbals / hardware as well as hardware for 2 overhead cymbals. Drummers are encouraged to bring their own snare, cymbals, kick pedal, and sticks, although these and other drum upgrades can be rented as needed (see Add-ons).

Guitar Amps  |  Fender Blues Junior, Fender Super Champ, Mesa Mark 4, Fender Twin

Bass Amp  |  Eden E-15 Combo Amp

Keyboard  |  Kurzweil PS-88